How to create a keytab or service principal on windows

Kerberos Keytab

A keytab file is used to store the SPN(Service Principal) credentials for communicating with the KDC or AD Domain Controller or a Kerberos server. This file contains sensitive information to connect to the kerberos server without requiring a username and password.

This article provide a step by step procedure to create a Kerberos keytab on windows Active Directory server using ktpass tool.


  • How to create a keytab or service principal on windows?
  • Create a HTTP service principal for kerberos authentication.
  • Create service principal or keytab with ktpass utility.

Keytab or SPN information

We’ll create a HTTP service principal (SPN) for system. The keytab will be used by the web server running on .

Keytab configuration

Remember that a service principal is bound to a specific account on the AD server. In our case, we’ll bind http_svc account to the keytab created for system.

Execute the following command in the powershell or command line window to create a HTTP service principal.

ktpass -princ HTTP/ -mapuser http_svc@EXAMPLE.COM -crypto rc4-hmac-nt -pass <password> -ptype KRB5_NT_SRV_HST -out c:\

In the above command replace with the original password. After command execution is completed, you will find the keytab file at c:\ location on the windows system.

ktpass syntax

[/out <FileName>]   
[/princ <PrincipalName>]   
[/mapuser <UserAccount>]   
[/mapop {add|set}] [{-|+}desonly] [/in <FileName>]  
[/pass {Password|*|{-|+}rndpass}]  
[/crypto {DES-CBC-CRC|DES-CBC-MD5|RC4-HMAC-NT|AES256-SHA1|AES128-SHA1|All}]  
[/kvno <KeyversionNum>]  
[/answer {-|+}]  
[/rawsalt] [{-|+}dumpsalt] [{-|+}setupn] [{-|+}setpass <Password>]  [/?|/h|/help]  

Once the keytab file has been created, transfer the file to the server is requiring that.


Click here to visit Microsoft site for more details on service principal or keytab.


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