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If sender ‘’ sends an email, his email address should change to ‘’ and at the receiver’s mailbox, the from address must be shown as ‘’. This article provides a step by step procedure rewriting sender email address using Postfix.


  • If sender ‘A’ sends an email to any recipient/email address, sender address of ‘A’ should change to ‘B’ before postfix sends the email to the recipient.
  • Postfix Rewrite sender email address
  • Postfix modify sender email address
  • Postfix change sender email address


  • Linux


We can use postfix ADDRESS_REWRITING feature to achieve this goal. Refer to the following upstream documentation for more information.

Postfix Rewrite Sender Email Address Configuration
  • Add the following entry in /etc/postfix/ file.
sender_canonical_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/canonical_sender_address

  • Add all your requirement to /etc/postfix/canonical_sender_address file. And the following is the sample entry.
$ cat /etc/postfix/canonical_sender admin

  • The above example, rewrites sender address to

  • Then execute the following command to build the HASH database for postfix.

# postmap hash:/etc/postfix/canonical_sender

  • Now restart postfix service to validate the configuration.

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