Convert SSH PEM file to putty PPK file format and vice versa on Linux/Unix

PuTTY doesn’t natively support the private key format (.pem) generated by ssh-keygen or openssh program. You must convert your private key into a .ppk file before you can connect to your server using PuTTY from a Windows system. You can use the PuTTYgen tool for this conversion. This tool, available for both Windows and Unix operating system, can convert keys.


  • How to convert SSH PEM file to putty PPK?
  • How to convert Putty PPK file to SSH PEM file?
  • How to install putty on Linux system?


Install putty on the Linux system. Follow the steps below for putty installation.


$ sudo dnf --refresh install putty


$ sudo apt-get install putty-tools

Download putty packages from the following URL and install it manually.

Putty Key Conversion
Convert a PEM file to a .ppk file
$ puttygen pemKey.pem -o ppkKey.ppk -O private

Convert a PPK file to a PEM file
$ puttygen key.ppk -O private-openssh -o key.pem

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