Bind slave zone convert binary to text format


BIND 9.9.x uses default binary file format for slave zone files in order to improve bind performance. Refer to the solution section to change this behavior.


  • How to configure bind to use text file format for slave zone file?
  • How replace binary file format for slave zone with bind9?
  • Configure Bind to use text format to store slave zone data


  • Linux


Add the following line in the slave zone section to inform bind to use text file format to store salve zone data.

masterfile-format text;


        zone "" in {
                type slave;
                notify no;
                file "data/";
                masterfile-format text;
                masters { 192.168.x.x; };

Once suggested configuration has been added, restart named service and check.

Note: If binary slave zone data files are already present, delete them before restarting named service.

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