Bind Converting Zone Files Between Text and Raw Formats


With the development of the BIND 9.9 branch, zone file storage for slaved zones has been changed to expect the raw zone format by default in order to provide some performance boost. This article mentions about converting the ext file to raw format and vice versa.


  • How to convert bind raw zone data file to text format?
  • How to convert bind text zone data file to raw format?


  • Linux


Rename and Re-transfer

A BIND 9.9 slave server which encounters a zone file it cannot read, rename or delete those files. Refer to the following article configure slave zone data to be written in text format.

Manual Conversion

The named-compilezone utility, which is part of the BIND distribution, can be used to convert zones from text to raw and from raw to text.

convert raw zone file "", containing data for zone, to text-format zone file ""

named-compilezone -f raw -F text -o

convert text format zone file "", containing data for zone, to raw zone file ""

named-compilezone -f text -F raw -o

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