How to enable OpenShift Auditing


OpenShift is a family of containerization software has many add on features and advantages over Kubernetes. This article describes about OpenShift Auditing.


  • How to enable OpenShift Auditing?
  • Enable OpenShift Auditing
  • How to Audit OpenShift


  • OpenShift 3.11


  • Add the following configuration in /etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml file on the master node.
  auditFilePath: /var/lib/origin/log/ocp-audit.log
  enabled: true
  maximumFileRetentionDays: 5
  maximumFileSizeMegabytes: 20
  maximumRetainedFiles: 20

  • Above Audit configuration retains audit logs for 5 days and create log file upto 20MB of size and preserves last 20 rotated file.

  • Then restart api services.

# master-restart api; master-restart controllers

  • Check /var/lib/origin/log/ocp-audit.log file on the master node for audit logs.

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