Google Chrome on Docker Container

Google Chrome

If you have a requirement to run Google Chrome browser inside a container we can easily achieve this by using TekFik provided CentOS 7 container. TekFik Centos 7 Container image runs google-chrome in the command line and exposes TCP port 3000 to access google chrome from the web browser inside the container. Refer to the solution section to run Google Chrome on Docker Container.


  • How to run Google Chrome on Docker Container?
  • Google Chrome on Docker Container
  • Install chrome on Docker Container
  • Chrome docker image


  • Execute the following command to pull chrome docker image Image:
    $ docker pull tekfik/chrome

  • Execute the following command to run chrome docker container:
    $ docker run --name chrome --privileged -p 3000:3000 -d tekfik/chrome

  • Browse Chrome inside the container with the following URL

To build your own container browse the following Github URL:

Video Tutorial – Chrome on Docker Container

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